Reflexology is a pressure point treatment that uses the feet to treat the whole body by manipulating and applying pressure to certain parts of the feet, the whole body can be ‘re-turned’ and brought back into balance. Incorporated is the 9 different body systems where specific conditions or organs are treated.

Course Information

Course Fee: R 4 600.00

Kit is included in the course; additional and replenishment products are available for purchase at a discounted rate.

Contents: All the necessary Products and Equipment that you will need to complete the course and work with thereafter.

Duration: 10 Sessions of 4 hours each

Entry Requirements: None

Enrolment Deadline: 2 weeks before course starting date as per Schedule.

Course Content

Introduction to Reflexology

Reflexology sequence

Anatomy & Physiology of the feet

Treating specific diseases and disorders

History of Reflexology

Referral areas

Mapping the feet and the body

Treatment progression and planning

Foot reading and colour symbology

Aftercare and homecare advice

Warm-up technique

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