Eyelash Extensions Course


Duration: 2 Day Course
Starting: 12 August 2019
Times: 13:15 – 16:15
Course Pricing

Kit: Entry Level kit is included in the course (valued at over R 1000.00); additional and replenishment products are available for

purchase at a discounted rate.

Contents: All the necessary Products and Equipment that you will need to complete the course and work with thereafter.

Course Fee: R2 950

Complete the Eyelash Extensions short course to get your foot in the beauty industry door in a hurry or just to supplement your current service offerings. Eyelashes matter in the beauty and cosmetic industries; therefore, you should be able to offer your clients the best alternative to DIY kits – after all DIYs never give you that professional look. Individual eyelashes are placed on each individual hair strand and it is used to accentuate the eye shape, facial features as well as overall beauty.

Students who complete this course successfully will receive a certificate upon the completion of the exam and after moderation.

Course Contents:
    • Theory on Contra-indications,
    • Anatomy of the hair,
    • Client Care,
    • Set-up,
    • Application and aftercare.
    • Consultation with clients and client cards
    • Setup and preparation of client
    • Application Procedures
    • Removal Procedures
    • Fill and Maintenance Procedures
  • Client home- & aftercare